PDF Tools

PDF Tools, Portable PDF Readers, PDF File Creators, and Word Processors.

Jarte - Portable Word Processor

jarte-screenshotJarte is a FREE Portable Word Processor or text editor. Based on the Microsoft WordPad word processing engine that built into Windows, it enables a user to open rich text or plain text documents including .

Tomahawk PDF+

TomahawkTomahawk PDF+ is a FREE word processing and pdf creation package that allows documents to be produced and saved in a number of formats, including rich text and then exported as HTML or even converted to PDF files. …

Gios PDF Splitter and Merger

Gios pdf file splitter mergerGios PDF Splitter and Merger is a Portable and Free PDF tool. It can be used to merge PDF files or split PDF files quickly and easily.

Foxit Portable PDF Reader

Foxit PDF readerFoxit is a portable PDF Reader that allows users to view and print PDF files. It can easily be integrated into your current web browser as well.

Sumatra PDF Portable

Sumatra PDF PortableSumatra PDF Portable is a portable application based on Sumatra PDF created by Krzysztof Kowalczyk. It allows you to view PDF files using any Windows PC.

SepPDF - PDF File Splitter

SepPDF - PDF File SplitterSepPDF is a PDF file splitter. This Free and portable file splitting tool can be used to separate or split PDF files.

Free PDF to Word Converter

Free PDF to Word ConverterFree PDF to Word Converter for Offline use. In today's digital age, we often find ourselves dealing with a variety of file formats.

Ultra PDF Merger

Ultra PDF File MergerUltra PDF Merger is a Free PDF File Merging Software created by Michalis Nicolaides. It can be used to, as the name suggests, merge multiple PDF files into one single PDF file.

PDF-XChange Viewer - Free PDF Reader

pdf-xchanger-free-portable-pdf-viewerPDF-XChange is a Free PDF reader. This Portable PDF Viewer enables a user to open multiple PDF documents within a tabbed environment, add comments to the PDF file, type directly into a PDF file using Typewriter mode and much more.

AbiWord Portable - Word Processor

abiword portableAbiWord Portable is a free portable Word Processing application based on AbiWord which is considered a rival to Microsoft Word. It allows you to edit your documents on the go.

Gnumeric Portable - Free Spreadsheet Program

Gnumeric Portable - Free Spreadsheet ProgramGnumeric Portable is a portable wrapper for the Free Spreadsheet Program. It supports the same essential spreadsheet functions as Microsoft Excel (and can be used to both read and edit Excel created spreadsheets).

Portable Scribus - Desktop Publishing Tool

portable-scribus-screenshotPortable Scribus is a stand alone, USB flash drive installable version of Scribus, the very popular open source free desktop publishing tool. This portable application makes for a great alternative to Adobe PageMaker and can be used to create professional looking documents, PDF files, newsletters, magazines and much more.

PDF Password Remover

PDF Password Remover PortablePDF Password Remover is a Portable tool that can be used to remove a password from a PDF file. This comes in handy when viewing password protected PDF files that can not be printed, edited or converted.

WinScan2PDF - Scan Files to PDF

WinScan2PDF - Scan to PDFWinScan2PDF is a free and portable software utility that can be used to scan files to PDF files. Simply select the Source Scanner, click the Scan button, and it will proceed to save the scanned document as a PDF file.

RTF Converter

RTF Converter ScreenshotRTF Converter can be used to export or convert RTF Word documents into text files. It allows you to convert multiple files at once and supports virtually all types of character encoding.

Cool PDF Reader

cool-pdf-readerCool PDF Reader is a free reader and viewer for PDF files. It can be used to view, print or even convert PDF files into TXT, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, EPS files.

Tweak PDF - Edit PDF Files

tweak-pdf-free-pdf-editorTweak PDF is a Free tool that enables you to Edit PDF Files basic parameters. For example you can set the initial view preferences of a PDF document; Center window of the PDF file,  display document title, fit window, hide menu bar, hide toolbar, hide window UI.

AEdit Free Word Processor

aedit-in-actionAEdit is a compact, simple, fast and free Word Processor that sports a very strong file encryption feature and includes a spell checker. AEdit can be used to manage .