PDF Password Remover

PDF Password Remover is a Portable tool that can be used to remove a password from a PDF file. This comes in handy when viewing password protected PDF files that can not be printed, edited or converted.

PDF Password Remover | Remove PDF Passwords

PDF Password Remover Portable

PDF Password Remover Overview

The PDF Password Remover tool is an application designed for Windows and Mac OS X users to decrypt encrypted or restricted PDF files. It offers two main methods to remove password protection: direct removal of owner password protection and removal of user password protection (user password required).

  • Functionality: Designed to remove restrictions from protected PDF files on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. It can decrypt encrypted or restricted PDF files, allowing users to modify, print, or convert them.
  • Portable Version: Provides a Win Portable Version, which is a zip file that doesn't require installation. Users can run the program from a portable disk like a flash drive on any computer without installation.
  • Removing PDF Password Protection : The software removes both Owner Password Protection directly and User Password Protection with the requirement of the user password. Users can drag and drop PDF files onto the Remover window to initiate the process of removing password protection.
  • Actions After PDF Password Removal: After removing the password, users can copy decrypted content from the PDF and use it freely. The tool allows users to convert decrypted PDF files to various document formats using other PDF converters. Printing PDF files becomes possible after removing the password protection.
  • Drag and Drop Interface: Simply drag and drop the pdf file into the window, and the tool will attempt to remove the PDF password and create a new unprotected file.
  • Batch Mode: Allows users to process multiple PDF files in batch mode by dragging and dropping them onto the Remover window.
  • Content Copying: After removing PDF password, users can copy the content text from the decrypted PDF and use it as needed.
  • Format Conversion: Enables conversion of PDF files to other editable formats such as MS Word, Excel, and images after removing restrictions.
  • Printing Permissions: Allows printing of PDF files after removing password protection, making them printable as normal documents.
  • Language Support: Claims to support all languages in PDF files.

Note: You must already be able to read the PDF file, or this tool will not be able to remove it's password restriction. PDF may still ask for a password to open even after using the PDF Password Remover. This could happen if the user password was not provided during the removal process.

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