Gnumeric Portable - Free Spreadsheet Program

Gnumeric Portable is a portable wrapper for the Free Spreadsheet Program. It supports the same essential spreadsheet functions as Microsoft Excel (and can be used to both read and edit Excel created spreadsheets). Gnumeric is claimed to be more accurate than some leading proprietary spreadsheets.

Gnumeric Portable | Free Spreadsheet Program

Gnumeric Portable - Free Spreadsheet Program

Gnumeric is a free and open-source spreadsheet program that is part of the GNOME desktop environment. Designed to be an alternative to other spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc, it was initially developed by Miguel de Icaza, a prominent figure in the free and open source software community and co founder of the GNOME project.

Gnumeric was first released in 1998, making it one of the early components of the GNOME desktop environment. Since its initial release, it has been actively developed by a community of contributors, and Miguel de Icaza's role since has been pivotal in the early stages of its development.

Key features include:

  • Data Analysis: Supports various statistical and mathematical functions for data analysis, making it suitable for both basic and advanced spreadsheet tasks.
  • Compatibility: It is capable of importing and exporting spreadsheet files in various formats, including Microsoft Excel, OpenDocument Format (ODF), and Comma-Separated Values (CSV).
  • Graphs and Charts: Allows users to create a wide range of charts and graphs to visualize data. It supports various chart types, including bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and more.
  • Formula Support: Has a powerful formula system that supports a wide array of functions, allowing users to perform complex calculations.
  • Plugins: The software supports plugins to extend its functionality. Users can add features and customize it based on their specific needs.
  • Solver: Includes a solver tool that helps users find optimal solutions to mathematical problems, making it useful for optimization tasks.
  • Multiple Sheet Support: Users can work with multiple sheets within a single workbook, making it easy to organize and analyze data.
  • Cell Formatting: Provides options for formatting cells, including text formatting, number formatting, and conditional formatting.
  • Advanced Features: It includes support for scenario management, goal seeking, and other advanced spreadsheet features.

Gnumeric is known for its lightweight nature and focus on providing efficient and reliable spreadsheet functionality. It is a part of the GNOME Office suite, which includes other productivity tools like AbiWord (word processor) and GNOME-DB (database tools). If you're looking for a free and open-source alternative to popular spreadsheet software, Gnumeric Portable is worth considering.

Specifications | Official Site | Where to Download

  • Extracted Size: 59.9 MB
  • Authors Website: Project Page
  • Developer: Miguel de Icaza
  • Release Date: First released in 1998
  • License: Open Source
  • Supported OS: Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows
  • Downloading: You can get this free portable spreadsheet program here:
    Gnumeric Portable Download