write image to usb - Software

Write Image to USB – Win32 Disk Imager

Write Image to USB

Easily write raw image files to USB with Win32 Disk Imager. This utility uses low level raw read and write functions to directly copy data to or from a device. For example, it can be used to copy an ISO or IMG file to a USB drive. Or instead used to create a backup image of a device. It also features a built in file checking option to check for file corruption before writing a file. This image writing software is available portably as a zipped file.

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Roadkil’s Disk Image – Backup Image Software

Roadkil's Disk Image

RoadKil’s Disk Image is a Free Backup Image Software Tool created by Jason Hatley. This tool might be used to create a backup disk image “.img” file or a cloned copy of a USB, Floppy, hard drive, or partition. Disk Image can also be used to write third party and self created images back to floppy, USB, or hard disks, or effectively create a clone of a disk by using the same image on more than on disk.

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