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Portable Firefox OS X

Portable Firefox for OS X is based purely on the all so popular Firefox Web Browser but revamped to be run from a USB flash drive or other portable storage device. Now, just like the Windows users, Mac OS X users can bring their Firefox favorites, personalized settings and secure login passwords with them to run on any Mac OS X capable system.

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Green Browser – Portable Internet Browser

Green Browser is a free, skinnable, tabbed portable internet browser that looks and functions much like internet explorer. It makes for a simple alternative to portable firefox as well. Green browser can be installed to and run from a portable USB device. Some key features include an ad filter, search bar, external toolbar, download manager, selectable skins, proxy setup and much more. Green browser is open source software.

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Firefox Portable – Web browser

One of the most necessary portable applications could arguably be a good web browser. Firefox Portable based on Mozilla Firefox, makes for a great portable web browser. It enables a user to bring their web browser and favorite bookmarks with them wherever they go. Firefox Portable is easy to use and can be launched quickly from media such as a USB flash pen drive. Portable Firefox saves your bookmarks and browsing history back to the device leaving no traces behind on the client PC.

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