Portable Dictionaries | USB Apps

Dictionary .NET – Dictionary and Translator

Dictionary .NET is a Stand Alone, Free Portable Dictionary and Portable Translator that can be stored and run entirely from a USB device. It features a complete multilingual dictionary. One fascinating feature of this Portable Dictionary is that it can translate many different languages via it’s built in Dictionary Translator which could be used to translate any text from one language to another. Dictionary .NET displays information about the word or phrases, and can provide references, images and audio examples as well. This application does require the .NET framework 2.0 or later to be installed.

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Yadabyte Dictionary – Portable Dictionary

Yadabyte Dictionary is an Open Source, Free Portable Dictionary that is very fast,  efficient and most importantly, super easy to use. Like other Yadabyte products, this Portable Dictionary features only the navigation features you need without the clutter. Simply type your search word or phrase and press enter. Dictionary descriptions appear instantly.

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Magical Jelly Bean – Portable Dictionary

Magical Jelly Bean offers an Open Source dictionary that can be stored on a USB device. The portable dictionary does need to connect to a dictionary server to retrieve definitions from the database on the server. In order to use the portable dictionary, the user does need to have internet access. However, having the ability to access the definition for any word, no matter where you are, makes this portable application well worth the free price.

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