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Flip the Removable Bit – Lexar USB Format Tool

Lexar Format and Flip Removable Bit

The Lexar USB Format Tool Bootit.exe created by Janaki of the Lexar support team enables users to quickly Format their JumpDrive. Additionally, Lexar’s Format tool includes the ability flip the removable bit of your USB Flash Drive. A feature not commonly seen with such tools. Flipping the removable bit allows the Flash Drive to be detected as a fixed disk instead of removable. On older version of Windows, flipping the hardware bit allows the USB drive to contain more than one partition. However, USB drivers used on the most recent versions of Windows negate the need to flip the removable hardware bit. Lexar’s tool has also been said to work on several other vendors USB drives that use compatible hardware. Though using the tool on an unsupported device may cause unexpected results or even corrupt the drive. Experiment at your own risk.

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