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Handy Encryption – Free File Encrypter

Handy Encryption - Free Portable File Encrypter

Handy Encryption is a Free File Encrypter offered by ApiMash of InstallWHAT. This Portable File Encrytion Software can be used to secure or prevent important files from being read or modified by using AES-256 bit + Password hashing encryption. Once a password is set, the data in the file can only be decrypted by entering the correct password via the same Handy Encryption Tool.

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KeyNote NF – Portable NoteBook

KeyNote - Portable NoteBook

Keynote NF is a Free Portable Notebook that might also be used as a Portable Diary. Based on the original Keynote with New Features, this portable Notebook utilizes a RichText editor, built in search, and your Notes can be encrypted under file > properties using IDEA or Blowfish encryption methods. Other key features include: View/Tree check boxes on children of selected nodes, Show/Hide nodes, Unicode compliant, Multilingual support, and more.

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The Letter Encrypter – Encrypted Notes

The Letter Encrypter is a Free Portable tool that can be used to send secret encrypted text messages (encrypt notes or letters). Just enter a password and then a text message and press the Encrypt button. Your secret message will appear as jumbled text until decrypted. The messages can be exported to text files and sent to others. Only those who know your password can import and read your text message using the same tool.

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