FREE Password Recovery Tools

Free Password Recovery tools

Password Security Scanner

Password Security Scanner is a Free Portable Password Testing tool created by NirSoft. It can be used to test the security of passwords stored in your web browsers, messengers, and email clients. Detailed information of every stored password such as total number of characters, number of numeric characters, number of lowercase/uppercase characters, number of repeating …

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Google Password Decryptor – Login Recovery Tool

Google Password Decryptor is a Free and Portable Google Password Recovery Tool created by SecurityXploded. As it’s name suggests, it can be used to Recover lost Google Account Login Passwords. But it can also be used to decrypt, reveal or recover passwords for Gmail, Picassa, GTalk, iGoogle, Desktop Search, and other Google Based Applications.

Access Passview – mdb Password Recovery Tool

Access Passview is a Free Access Password Recovery Tool Created by NirSoft. It can be used to recover your Access Database passwords by revealing passwords of mdb files. Supports recovery of database passwords created with Microsoft Access or Jet Database Engines.

Find Firefox Saved Passwords – PasswordFox

PasswordFox is a free Password Recovery Tool created by NirSoft. It can be used to Find and Reveal the Names and Passwords Saved or Stored in Firefox. Website, Usernames, Passwords, Fields, Realms, Password Strength, and Firefox version are displayed. The Firefox Password Information  can also be exported or saved to a text file.

SniffPass – Network Password Sniffer

SniffPass is network password Sniffer created by NirSoft. A great tool to have handy for recovering lost Web, FTP, Email passwords. SniffPass captures usernames, passwords, port number remote address and more for communications that occur on your network. Supports capturing via POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, FTP, and HTTP protocols. Example Usage: Start SniffPass and then go …

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Reveal Passwords – Asterisk Key

Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks quickly and easily by using a Free Password Revealing tool called Asterisk Key.  The Password Revealer appeared to Uncover Hidden Passwords (Show hidden passwords behind masked asterisks or stars) on password dialog boxes and on web pages in both Windows XP and Vista during our test run. Although Asterisk Key is …

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Mail Password Recovery

Mail Password Recovery is a Free Portable email password recovery tool. It allows you to recover email passwords for any POP3 account, as long as it is stored in an email program. I’ve personally used the tool to recover lost e-mail account passwords in Outlook Express and Windows Mail. Simply change your pop3 server to …

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Network Password Recovery

Network Password Recovery is a Free Portable Password Recovery Tool that recovers network passwords stored on a computer for the current logged on user. For example, when you connect to a LAN network share, remote server or login to your .NET Passport account, Windows stores your access passwords. Network Password Recovery enables you to retrieve …

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MessenPass – Messenger Password Recovery Tool

MessenPass is a Portable Instant Messenger Password Recovery tool. It is Free Password Revealer software that can be used to recover lost instant messenger passwords. Reveal the passwords of MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ Lite, AOL Instant Messenger, AIM, Trillian, Miranda, GAIM, Pidgin, MySpace IM, PaltalkScene and Digsby.

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