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Reveal password with Reveal, a password unmasking tool that can be used to uncover or reveal passwords hidden behind asterisks. It works well for unmasking outlook email account passwords (reveal email password). Essentially the tool changes the password text boxes to normal text boxes, uncovering the hidden password behind the stars.

Reveal works by quickly enumerates through all open windows in the system, looking for any window that contains the Edit Box 'Password' style set. Upon finding such a window, it sends a standard Windows message telling the text box to remove the password character.

Reveal Password | Unmasking Passwords

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Reveal is a small application designed to change password text boxes into normal text boxes in an effort to reveal passwords hidden behind them. When the application is run, it modifies the password text boxes, allowing users to edit the text, copy it using the clipboard, etc. It works by scanning through all windows in the system, identifying those with the 'Password' style set for Edit Boxes. It then sends a standard Windows message to instruct the text box to remove the password character.

Noteworthy Points:

  • the password unmasking tool works by identifying and modifying password text boxes in the system.
  • It enables users to interact with password text boxes as if they were normal text boxes.
  • The application scans through windows to find Edit Boxes with the 'Password' style.
  • Reveal raises concerns about the limited protection provided by some applications against this type of password revealing.
  • Some applications, inspired by Windows NT, store dummy values (e.g., spaces) instead of the actual password in the text box, making them less vulnerable to Reveal.

Note: This portable free password revealer and unmasking tool will not always be able to unmask all passwords hidden behind asterisks. Which makes it a great tool to use for checking an application for flawed password masking protection.

Reveal Specifications | Official Site | Downloading

  • Authors Website: Project Page
  • Developer: Scott
  • License: Freeware
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Download: Get this portable password unmasking tool here:
    Reveal Download