Reveal Passwords – Asterisk Key

Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks quickly and easily by using a Free Password Revealing tool called Asterisk Key.  The Password Revealer appeared to Uncover Hidden Passwords (Show hidden passwords behind masked asterisks or stars) on password dialog boxes and on web pages in both Windows XP and Vista during our test run. Although Asterisk Key is offered by the developer as an installable executable, it can be made to launch and run from a portable device.

Asterisk Key – Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks

Asterisk Key

Authors Website: Asterisk Key Website

License: Freeware

How to Make Asterisk Key Portable:

  1. Download the Free Password Recovery Tool (Asterisk Key) and click the executable to proceed to install to the default path. C:\Program Files\Passware
  2. Once installed, simply copy the folder C:\Program Files\Passware to your USB device
  3. Click ariskkey.exe from the Passware folder on your USB device to launch the program

Note: Once you have a copy of the Passware folder on your USB device, you can proceed to uninstall the Asterisk Key software from your PC.

This Portable Application is filed under: FREE Password Recovery Tools