YUMI – MultiBoot Live Bootable USB Creator

YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer), is a MultiBoot Live USB Creator Tool or MultiBoot ISOs Utility created by Lance of Pen Drive Linux. This Free Portable Software can be used to build custom bootable USB flash drives containing multiple ISO files of your choosing. Use it to quickly and easily make a flash drive Boot from USB.

Derived from its predecessor the Universal USB Installer (UUI), YUMI supports booting Multiple Windows Installers, Linux Distributions, and Tools from a USB flash drive. Whereas UUI can only be used to boot from one distribution or tool on a USB, at a time.

It supports most Live Linux distributions along with several different Windows installers, Antivirus tools,  system diagnostic, disk cloning, and troubleshooting software.

YUMI – Multiboot ISO Bootable USB Creator

YUMI - Multiboot ISO Bootable USB Creator Software

Key features of YUMI USB Bootable Software

  • Website links allow you to learn more about a bootable distribution or tool.
  • Download links to make it easy to get the related ISO files.
  • Persistence for Ubuntu derived Distributions.
  • Ability to Remove Installed items. Makes it easy to cleanup and reorganize.
  • A Format Option to reformat your USB drive.

Authors Website: Project Page

File Size: +- 1MB depending on (UEFI vs Legacy BIOS) version.

License: Open Source

Download: This tool is offered by Pen Drive Linux in both Legacy BIOS and UEFI variants. With an exFAT version also in the works.

You can learn more about and download the Legacy (BIOS only Boot) version here;

Multiboot ISO USB Creator – Legacy Download

Or alternately read and learn more about the UEFI (BIOS and UEFI Boot) version here;

Multiboot ISO USB Creator – UEFI Download