Secret Maryo Chronicles - Super Mario for PC

Secret Maryo Chronicles is a Free Side Scroller Super Mario World like Game for PC. It works and functions much like Nintendo's official Super Mario Bros side scrolling game. Gameplay features include; power up boxes, ability to pounce enemies, save and load changes, etc. Similarities are close enough that I'd consider it one of the closest clones of the classic original Super Mario World game.

In addition to simply playing the game, it also ships with an in game editor (activated via the F8 key). The editor enables you to insert your own background image, insert enemies, insert power up boxes, change player start position and more. This portable game was developed in C++, runs under OpenGL, and is offered completely Open Source, under GNU GPL V3.

Secret Maryo Chronicles | Mario World for PC

Secret Maryo Chronicles - Mario for PC - Clone

About Maryo and its Features

"Secret Maryo Chronicles" (often abbreviated as "SMC") is an open-source, free-to-play, 2D platform game inspired by the popular Super Mario series. It was developed by an independent game development community and is available for multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and others.

Some of its features include:

  • Maryo Gameplay: Secret Maryo Chronicles features gameplay that is reminiscent of classic side-scrolling platform games like Super Mario. Players control a character named Maryo as they navigate various levels, collect items, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles to progress through the game.
  • Open Source Arcade Game: SMC is an open source project, which means its source code is available to the public. This allows for community contributions, modifications, and enhancements, making it a collaborative effort among developers and fans.
  • Level Editor: One of the notable features of SMC is its built-in level editor. Players can create their own custom levels, share them with others, and play levels created by the community. This adds to the game's replay ability and creativity.
  • Multiplayer: Some versions support multiplayer gameplay, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends or others online. This can add a social aspect to the platforming experience.
  • Updated Graphics and Sound: While Secret Maryo Chronicles draws inspiration from classic mario platformers, it also offers updated graphics and a soundtrack that complements the gameplay experience.
  • Cross Platform Compatible: The game is available for various operating systems, making it accessible to a wide range of players regardless of their preferred platform.

While SMC is inspired by Super Mario, it is not an official Mario game, and it does not have Nintendo's endorsement. The game and its development team have taken steps to avoid copyright infringement, such as creating original graphics and gameplay elements.

Additional Specifications and Download

Authors Website: Maryo Project Page
License: Open Source
Download: You can get this Mario for PC Clone here: Download Maryo

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