Bricks 2000 – Tetris Like Game

Bricks 2000 is a popular Tetris like game that can run from a portable device. I personally find the Bricks 2000 puzzle game it almost as much fun to play as Tetris was way back in the day. Gamers who earn honorary high scores are able to set their own specific comments which are available in the Bricks 2000 Hall Of Fame. This portable game requires 620KB of disk space.

Bricks 2000 Screenshot

Bricks 2000 screenshot

Authors Website:

License: Freeware

Download: Download this Portable Tetris like puzzle game HERE

How to make Bricks 2000 portable:

  1. Run the executable and install
  2. Copy the Bri’2000 folder from i.e C:\Bri’2000 to your USB device
  3. Run Bricks 2000 by clicking Bricks.exe from the Bri’2000 folder on your portable device

Note: You can uninstall Bricks 2000 from your PC via add/remove programs and continue to use Bricks 2000 portably.