GLtron – Free TRON like Game

GLtron is, as the name suggests is a Free TRON like game inspired by the movie TRON. In GLtron, the player steers a futuristic bike, called a lightcycle inside a rectangular arena. Your bike leaves a trail behind, which becomes a wall. The goal is to force the other players to drive into a wall while trying to avoid the wall yourself. The last player still riding is the winner.

GLtron – A Free TRON like Game

GLtron Screenshot

Extracted Size: 4.92MB

Authors Website:

License: Open Source

How to make GLtron Portable

  1. Download and run this script. A Make GLtron Portable folder is created
  2. Download gltron-0.70-win32.exe and move it to the Make GLtron Portable folder
  3. Run MakePortable.bat from the Make GLtron Portable folder and follow the onscreen instructions
  4. Click gltron.exe from the GLtron-Portable folder to run the program