Nexuiz – 3D First Person Shooter Game

Nexuiz is another great Free and Portable 3D First Person Shooter Game. Meaning that it can be run directly from a flash drive or other external USB device. As opposed to some other well known portable 3D First Person Shooter games, Nexuiz looks and plays great and has outstanding graphics. All without requiring a super fast graphics card or really expensive gaming system hardware. With as well as it looks and plays, it is hard to believe this game is also Free. The only possible  caveat is that it requires roughly 300MB of free space. Which is also not a big deal considering the flash drive storage capacities we have available to us today.

Free Portable First Person Shooter Game

Screenshot of Nexuiz game play while running from a USB Flash Drive.

Nexuiz Free 3d First Person Shooter Screenshot

Authors Website:

License: Open Source

Download: You can grab a copy of this free game HERE