Warsow – 3D First Person Shooter Game

Warsow is an all-time best Free portable, fast paced, multi-player, 3D (FPS) first person shooter game. Featuring a first person Quake and Doom style of Gameplay. The graphics are pretty good. Most find it amazing that this game runs so well without requiring a high end system or graphics card. If they are to survive, players of this game must try to keep focused on the art of quick movement, trick jumps, and sneaky side slides. Though having good aim helps as well! One key feature of this game is its intuitive power up system which includes both weak and strong firing modes for each weapon. Warsow can also be installed to an external USB device such as a flash drive. So it does not require a full install onto the host PC.

Free Portable First Person Shooter Game

The following is a screenshot of Warsaw running from a USB Flash Drive.

Warsow Screenshot

Authors Website: warsow.net

License: Open Source

Free Space Required: Roughly 100MB

Download: You can get this Portable Game from HERE