TORCS - Portable Free Car Racing Game

TORCS is a highly Portable Free Car Racing Game also commonly referred to as "The Open Racing Car Simulator". This car racing simulation game allows you to race against opponents simulated by the computer or to develop your own driver bot and enter the driver into competitive events. TORCS uses OpenGL for rich graphics and a real life like look and feel. This Racing Game looks and functions just about as good as most purchase only Racing Games, however it's entirely Free.

Screenshot of TORCS - Free Racing Game

TORCS - Free Racing Car Simulator

Extracted Size: 304MB

Authors Website:

License: Open Source

How to make TORCS Portable to store and run it from USB

  1. Download and run this script. A Make Torcs Portable folder is created
  2. Download torcs_1_3_1_setup.exe and move it to the Make Torcs Portable folder
  3. Run MakePortable.bat from the Make Torcs Portable folder and follow the onscreen instructions
  4. Click wtorcs.exe from the TORCS-Portable folder on your USB device to run the program