Mega Mario | Free Super Mario like Game for PC


Mega Mario is a Free Portable Super Mario like game for PC. Upon initial review, this console-style game closely resembles the classic Super Mario Brothers by Nintendo in both appearance and gameplay. It effectively emulates the original, capturing its essence. Moreover, this iteration boasts enhanced graphics and a more extensive selection of levels compared to the beloved classic original.

Super Mario Clone for PC | Mega Mario

Portable Super Mario for PC - Mega Mario
Mega Super Mario Game for PC

"Mega Mario" is a fan-made clone of the original "Super Mario Bros. 1" game, allowing players to enjoy Mario on their PC with smoother gameplay at a higher resolution than the original console version. Notably, it functions seamlessly when launched and played directly from a USB flash drive, making it a convenient option for portable gaming. Its features include:

  1. Enhanced Graphics: Improved graphics compared to the original game.
  2. Higher Resolution: The game likely supports higher resolutions for modern displays.
  3. Smoother Movement: Movement mechanics are likely smoother and more responsive.
  4. New Levels: Additional levels have been added to provide players with new challenges.
  5. Continuation of Mario and Luigi's Story: The game continues the classic storyline of Mario and Luigi's adventures.

Overall, this game emulates that classic nostalgic console gaming experience with modern enhancements, providing players with familiar gameplay and new content to enjoy.

Mega Mario Specifications | Official Page | Download

  • Authors Website: Game Project Page
  • License: Open Source
  • Supported OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
  • Extracted Size: 8.57 MB
  • Downloading:  You can get this made for PC Super Mario Game here:
    Mega Mario download

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