MobaLiveCD - Portable Live CD Emulator

MobaLiveCD is a Free Portable Live CD Emulator that utilizes a Software front end for Qemu to enable you to (Run Linux on Windows). Run your Linux Live CDs and other ISO files portably from within Windows without rebooting. Moreover, all of this can be stored and run directly from a portable USB device.

Simply store the MobaLive.exe along with your Linux Live CDs or other bootable ISOs on the USB device. Then, start MobaLiveCD, select the ISO you wish to boot and watch as the alternate Operating System or program launches while your still in Windows. Another great way to try Linux or test those ISO's without burning them to a disk and rebooting.

Drawbacks we noticed are that the Kqemu accelerator is not included and the Qemu launcher settings are non adjustable. Thus causing some ISOs to run really slow or fail to load entirely.

Portable Live CD Emulator MobaLiveCD

MobaLiveCD - Portable Live CD Emulator

Authors Website: Project Page

License: Open Source

Download: Download MobaLiveCD