Mac On a Stick - Portable Macintosh on a USB stick

Mac On a Stick is just as the name imposes. Although for most, it isn't a complete replacement operating system, a MOS installation can include many useful applications running from an emulated Mini vMac (a Macintosh Plus emulator). Some example applications include BBEdit Lite, Excalibur, Glider, Nisus Compact, QuickPop, Sokoban, Tex-Edit and Texris. Mac On a Stick can run completely from a USB flash drive.

Mac On a Stick - Portable Macintosh Screenshot:

Mac On A Stick Screenshot

Authors Website:

License: Open Source

Mac on a Stick Requirements:

  • 32 M or larger USB flash pen drive
  • System software package

Download: See The Authors Website

Making a larger Disk image:

To make a 52M image, using either a Linux or Mac OS X computer, open up a terminal and type:

dd if=/dev/zero of=hfs52M.dsk count=106496