DOSBox - Portable DOS Emulator

DOSBox is a portable DOS emulator or Portable DOSBox that can be used to run many old DOS games or applications that cannot be run on a modern Windows Operating System. It is great to use for those old DOS software applications or games you may have sitting around collecting dust. This portable DOS Emulator requires roughly 3.6MB for complete installation.

DOSBox - Portable DOS Emulator Screenshot:

DOSBox Screenshot

Authors Website:

License: Open Source

How to make DOSBox portable:

  1. Download DOSBox and run the installer installing to your computer
  2. Copy the C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72 folder to your USB Device
  3. From the DOSBox-0.72 folder, Click dosbox.exe to launch DOSBox

Note: You can uninstall DOSBox from your PC once you have the Portable DOSBox on your USB Device.

Additional tutorial information for using DOSBox can be found HERE