DOSBox - Portable DOS Emulator

DOSBox is a portable DOS emulator or Portable DOSBox that can be used to run many old DOS games or applications that cannot be run on a modern Windows Operating System. It is great to use for those old DOS software applications or games you may have sitting around collecting dust.

DOSBox | Portable DOS Emulator

DOSBox Screenshot

  • Extracted Size: This portable DOS Emulator requires roughly 3.6MB for complete installation.
  • Authors Website: Project Page
  • License: Open Source
  • Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Linux

DOSBox is an open source emulator that allows you to run software designed for MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) on modern operating systems. MS-DOS was a popular operating system in the early days of personal computing, and many classic games and applications were developed for it. However, modern computers no longer use MS-DOS, so emulators like this one provide a way to run these older programs on contemporary or newer hardware.

Here are some of its popular features

  • Extensive Configuration Options: Provides a range of configuration options that allow users to customize their experience. Users can tweak settings such as CPU cycles, sound, graphics, and more to optimize performance for specific applications or games.
  • Mounting Drives and Directories: Emulates the MS-DOS file system, and users can mount drives and directories from their host system to make files accessible within the emulated environment.
  • Support for Graphics and Sound: Supports various graphics modes and sound devices, allowing users to experience classic games and applications as they were intended to be played.
  • Compatibility with DOS Software: Designed to be compatible with a wide range of DOS software, including games, utilities, and productivity applications.
  • Command Line Interface: Like MS-DOS, it uses a command line interface. Users can run DOS commands and execute DOS programs from within the emulator.
  • Dynamic Core: It uses a dynamic core to emulate the CPU, providing flexibility and better performance compared to static core emulation in certain situations.

To use DOSBox, you need to configure it according to your preferences, and then mount the directory containing the DOS software you want to run. DOS programs can then be executed within the emulated environment.

It is especially popular among retro gaming enthusiasts who want to play classic DOS games on modern systems. It's a valuable portable and free tool for preserving and experiencing software from the early days of personal computing.

How to make DOSBox portable

  1. Download DOSBox and run the installer installing it onto your computer.
  2. Copy the C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72 folder to your USB flash drive.
  3. From the DOSBox-0.72 folder, Click dosbox.exe to launch the program.

Note: You can uninstall it from your PC once you have the Portable DOSBox on your USB drive.