Portable Qemu Manager

Portable QEMU Manager for virtual machine emulation. You can use it to quickly manage and create virtual machine images. In addition, your virtual machines can be run directly from within the program. The nice and simple graphical user interface (GUI) provides easy to access to all of your virtual machines from one place.

Portable QEMU Virtual Machine Manager

Portable Qemu Manager

This application can easily be run from a portable device and requires 16.8+- MB of free space for standalone installation. This is a must have tool for those who wish to make portable virtual machine images of various Operating Systems from a USB device.

What is a QEMU Manager?

QEMU Manager was a graphical user interface (GUI) tool for managing virtual machines using the QEMU emulator. It provided an easy to use interface for creating, configuring, and launching virtual machines with QEMU, and allowed users to manage the virtual machine's hardware resources, such as CPU, memory, and disk space.

However, QEMU Manager is no longer actively maintained or supported. Though QEMU itself is still available, and is portable. Nowadays, there are several other more popular and widely used virtualization tools available, such as VirtualBox, VMware, and Hyper-V. These tools are often recommended instead, anyhow as they typically provide advanced features, better performance, and improved security.

Specifications | Official Site | Where to Download

  • Authors Website: Archived Project Link
    It appears this project has been abandoned! Archived link is provided.
  • Developer: David T Reynolds
  • Extracted Size: Roughly 17 MB
  • License: Open Source
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Downloading: If you need it, you can still find the manager here:
    Qemu Manager Download