Emerge Desktop - Alternate Windows Shell

Emerge desktop is an Open Source portable alternate replacement Windows shell. This shell works by temporarily replacing your Windows Explorer user interface through the implementation of MinGW. The emerge (shell) user interface provides a desktop with familiar functionality  while bringing with it new features, enhancements, and plugins not found in the native Windows explorer shell.

Enabling you to use it to do things like run Unix/Linux native programs on Windows.

Emerge Desktop | Windows Shell

Emerge Desktop - Replacement Windows Shell

Authors Website: Project Page

Extracted Size: 3.44 MB

License: Open Source

How to run Emerge Desktop Portably

To make Emerge Desktop portable,

  1. Download the 32bit or 64bit .7z version and extract to your USB using 7-Zip
  2. Create a blank file named portable.xml in the EmergeDesktop... folder on your USB
  3. Click EmergeCore.exe to start the Shell