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Metapad – Free Text and Code Editor

Metapad - Free Portable Text Editor

Metapad is a Free Text and Code Editor created by by Alexander Davidson that can be used as a Portable Notepad replacement. Metapad will run from Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista/7. Key features include;  no file size limit, unix text file support, search, hyperlink support, block indent, word wrap and much more.

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DjoPad – Portable Text Editor

DjoPad - Text Editor

DjoPad is a Free and Portable Text Editor. One unique feature of DjoPad is that it can be used to export text documents to commonly used formats such as DOC, PDF, ODT and HTML. Thats right, you could use it to turn your documents into web pages or text to PDF files. Other Key features include; multi-document and tabbed support, clipboard manager, find and replace, char format,  par format, insert bullet list, insert borders and lines, insert images, set page format, and save to djo or djp proprietary formats.

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Free Text Editor – Crimson

Crimson Editor is an Advanced, Free Text Editor. It can be used to quickly and easily edit text files that contain code. programmers or those that dabble in program language editing might use Crimson as a complete notepad replacement. Crimson text editor offers customizable syntax highlighting, line numbers and many other text processing features. Additionally it’s offered as a Portable Application.

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Ubiquitous Portable Media Player

Ubiquitous Player is an All-In-One Portable Media Player, Portable Image Viewer, Portable  Text Editor and Portable File Manager. The tool allows it’s user to play video files, view images,  listen to mp3 and CD music, edit text or add notes, navigate file folders and, browse the web.  All of this and more using a single portable application.

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Editra – Portable Text and Code Editor

Editra is a Free Portable Text Editor. Much like notepad++, Editra is a great editing solution for anyone who does coding, HTML work, or even plain text editing. It includes an easy to use interface and features just about every tool you could ever imagine or want in a text editor. Best of all, with a little elbow grease, Editra can be run portably from a USB flash drive making it a great portable application to add to your collection.

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EditPad Lite – Portable Text Editor

EditPad Lite is a FREE Portable Text Editor that was designed to be compact and offer all the basic features you might desire from a text editor. It allows you to switch between multiple open files simultaneously using tabs and features unlimited undo and redo operations. EditPad also supports the most common code and text types making editing a breeze. This application requires roughly 3.99MB for complete stand alone installation.

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Akelpad – Portable Text Editor

Akelpad is a simple to use portable text editor supporting both a single-window and “tabbed” multi-window interface, Unicode file support, multilayer undo, search and replace and more. Akelpad was built to be tiny yet fast, serving it’s purpose quite well. Best of all, Akelpad can be run directly from a portable device such as a USB flash drive.

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Notepad++ Free Portable Text and Code Editor

Notepad++ is a Slim, Free, generic text and code editor that many programmers or those that dabble in program language editing can use as a complete notepad replacement. Notepad++ is Open Source. It supports WYSIWYG, syntax highlighting, syntax folding, Multi-documents, auto completion, search and replace expressions and much much more. The GUI is also customizable. The zipped version of notepad++ can be installed to and run completely from a portable USB device.

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