portable server

Portable Serva Web Server

Portable Serva - Multiple Web Server in action

Portable Serva is a tiny all in one portable multiple protocol web server application created by Patrick Masotta. Available in both 32 and 64 bit platforms, Serva boasts an HTTP server, DHCP server, proxyDHCP server, FTP server, TFTP server, TFTP client, DNS server, SNTP server, and SYSLOG server. Simply start Serva, configure settings, then restart it! …

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Lighty2Go – Portable LIMP Web Server

Lighty2Go - Portable Web Server

Lighty2Go is a free and portable (LIMP) LightTPD, MySQL, PHP Web server application for Windows. It can be used to host a website, or test PHP code and MySQL database structures. Enabling you to take your Web Server and Web Work with you on a USB drive.

CFServerUSB – Portable Web Server

cfserverusb - portable web server

CFServerUSB “Coldfusion webserver” is a Standalone, Portable Coldfusion Webserver created by coldfusionplanet. Based on Railo 3.1 Jetty, this Webserver includes MySQL 5.0 with an EMS MySQL Manager and can be run entirely from a USB device for portable web application development and website building/testing.

EasyPHP – Portable WAMP Web Server

EasyPHP - Portable USB Web Server

EasyPHP is a Portable WAMP Web Server development package that ships bundled with an Apache Web Server, MySQL database, and the PHP scripting language. It also bundles the graphical PhpMyAdmin tool for database management and Xdebug for debugging. EasyPHP is pretty much self configuring and can be stored and run entirely from a USB Flash …

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XAMPP Portable Web Server

XAMPP Portable Web Server. XAMPP is a Portable Webserver package that contains Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl. This Free web server software enables users to host a Website, Blog, CMS or try out PHP code and test MySQL database structures all from a testing or production environment. Moreover, the server can easily be run a …

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