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Portable Kanban – Task Manager

Personal Kanban

Portable Kanban is a Personal Task Manager created by Dmitry Ivanov. This Portable Free Personal Electronic Kanban Software might be used to help schedule and track your daily events or tasks and to monitor assignment productivity. Features include the ability to setup topics and columns however you like, assign tasks to certain people, keep track …

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Golden Rules Organizer

Golden Rules Organizer

Golden Rules Organizer is a Free and Portable Personal Information Manager created by Michael Gvirtzman. It is a Personal organizer you can use to manage your daily or weekly tasks, projects, activities, contacts, schedules, plans and more. It could also be used as a personal diary or to simply keep notes in an ordered structure.

Rainlendar – Portable Calendar

Rainlendar is a Free Portable Calendar, portable task and event or appointment manager. It can be used to organize your daily tasks, events, notes or appointments and can be set to remind you of those tasks or events. Rainlendar utilizes a standard iCalendar format to store tasks, making it simple to transfer tasks between applications. …

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Exstora – Portable Day Planner

Exstora is a Portable Note Manager and Portable Day Planner. AKA: Portable Personal Organizer. Available in both the Pro and Freeware versions, Exstora enables users to keep track of daily and upcoming events via a built in calendar. Users can also jot down daily reminders, thoughts, contacts and other random notes. Moreover, reminder functionality is …

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Portable Total Organizer

Total Organizer allows a user to Organize and store personal information such as a contacts, notes, tasks and to-do items within an easy to navigate folder tree structure and calendar menu. Typically a user would install Total Organizer to a folder on their hard disk. But we are going to show you how to install …

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