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BitTorrent Sync – Portable

Bittorent Sync - Portable

BitTorrent Sync is a Torrent style synchronizing tool created by Resilio, Inc. It easily allows userss to synchronize files between multiple drives. BitTorrent Sync works much like cloud based storage options. However, it is Peer to Peer. Because of this, your files are only shared on device drives that you have given access to. Rather than centrally stored on some cloud based server. Therefore files might be shared between your phone, tablet, or computers, with your friends, etc. Making for a nice P2P file synchronization tool to bring with you on your USB drive.

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Halite – Portable Torrent Client

Halite is a Free Portable Torrent Client created by Binary Notions. Named after the Halite mineral and written in C++, this BitTorrent client is both tiny and fast. Many people have claimed that it performs better than several of the well known Torrent Clients such as Utorrent and BitComet. Though this Torrent Portable Bittorrent Client is still being refined and further developed, it was fully functional at the time of this review.

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G3 Torrent – Portable Torrent Client

G3 Torrent is an Free open source Torrent Portable Tool. It utilizes a clean and simple user interface and ships with features like a friends and foes list and RSS reader to help you keep track of the latest torrent news. Though offered as an executable for complete installation to a computer. G3 is also made available in zip format which can be extracted to and run from your portable USB device.

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Make BitComet Portable – BitTorrent Client

Portable BitComet? BitComet is another free BitTorrent client that can be run from a portable USB device (portable torrent). Among many features, it sports a download queue, the ability to set upload and download speed limits, resume simultaneous downloads, preview while downloading, multi section, multi peer, multi mirror downloading, and unicode support. The interface is easy to understand and use making BitComet a simple software application to operate.

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Make uTorrent Portable – BitTorrent Client

Portable uTorrent? uTorrent is a super tiny peer to peer BitTorrent client with a ton of amazing features. The benefit of making a portable version is that it can be run directly from a USB flash pen drive or other portable device. This could come in handy when your on the move and need to download or resume the download of a torrent. Making uTorrent portable is simple and only requires a few steps as outlined below. Once finished, Configure your u Torrent options and preferences and your ready to start downloading torrents to and from your USB device.

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