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Minetest – Free Portable Minecraft like game

Minetest - Portable

Minetest is a Free Portable Minecraft like Game. Created in 2010 by Perttu Ahola, also known as celeron55. Powered by the open source voxel gaming engine, this game can be played not only on Windows, but also MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, or even Android. Gameplay is similar to Minecraft’s where players explore, create or destroy blocks in a first person three dimensional world. You can easily create and explore worlds on either single or multiplayer servers. Create and host your own game or simply choose to join one that is already up and running. Several game mods and texture packs also currently exist allowing players to personalize their gaming experience even further. Moreover, this portable game can be stored and run entirely from your USB flash drive. Bring it with you; play at multiple computers; show your friends, etc.
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Defender Element – Tower Defense Game

Defender Element

Defender Element is a Free Portable Tower Defense type Game offered by Staff 32003 Productions. A Free Strategy Game, where the goal is to reinforce the pathway to your castle in an effort to keep enemies from invading your castle.  During gameplay, symbolic reinforcements aka: knights, archers, mages, and catapults are purchased with coins to use in your defense. These reinforcements can be sold later at reduced cost and replaced with upgraded units.

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Lost Ship V4 Evolution – Space Shooter Game

Lost Ship V4 is a Portable and Free Space Shooter Game.  Featuring an adrenaline pumping, fast paced, ship shooting game environment of pure survival. You strive to survive by defending yourself from and conquering multiple enemies. At the end of each journey path, you will find yourself up against a very powerful Boss or leader.

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TORCS – Portable Free Car Racing Game

TORCS is a highly Portable Free Car Racing Game also commonly referred to as “The Open Racing Car Simulator”. This car racing simulation game allows you to race against opponents simulated by the computer or to develop your own driver bot and enter the driver into competitive events. TORCS uses OpenGL for rich graphics and a real life like look and feel. This Racing Game looks and functions just about as good as most purchase only Racing Games, however it’s entirely Free.

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Glest – Free Real Time Strategy Game

Glest is an entirely free real time strategy game and strategy game producing engine. Within the Glest game,  you create armies of either the Tech type (warriors and mechanical devices), or Magic type (mages and summoned creatures) and use them within the battlefield against your opponents. Glest uses OpenGL for it’s 3D effects and the Free Game is fully customizable using XML and a set of tools.

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GLtron – Free TRON like Game

GLtron is, as the name suggests is a Free TRON like game inspired by the movie TRON. In GLtron, the player steers a futuristic bike, called a lightcycle inside a rectangular arena. Your bike leaves a trail behind, which becomes a wall. The goal is to force the other players to drive into a wall while trying to avoid the wall yourself. The last player still riding is the winner.

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Warzone 2100 Portable – Real Time Strategy Game

Warzone 2100 is a Free Real Time Strategy Game created by Pumpkin Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. It is currently developed by the Warzone 2100 Project and features a portable wrapper written by Warzone 2100 offers single player, campagin, and online multiplayer skirmish modes. The game works much like Command and Conquer but is entirely Open Source. Features include an extensive tech tree with over 400 different technologies and a unique unit design system.

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Geneshift – Free Multiplayer Action Game

Subvein (Now Geneshift) is a Portable and Free Online top down Multiplayer Shooter Game. The game features multiple weapons, over 20 vehicles (in coding process), unlockable missions, skills and special abilities. Geneshift combines top down view gameplay with CounterStrike like Online action and then tops it off with strategic character building skills found in similar games like Diablo. It was the author, Ben Johnson’s attempt to provide what he considers the Ultimate Super Game.

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Atomic Tanks Portable

Atomic Tanks Portable (Atanks) is an Open Source Free Portable Game. Referred to as “a multi-platform Scorched Earth clone similar to the Worms series of games”, Atomic Tanks is a game where you get to control a powerful tank. The objective is to attempt to blow up other powerful tanks  (last tank standing is the winner). Atomic Tanks is a turn based game and players are offered an array of hefty weapons and items to use for their defense.

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