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XAMPP Portable Web Server

XAMPPXAMPP portable web server. XAMPP is likely the best and most popular portable USB webserver available today.

Uniform Server WAMP Portable Website Server

Uniform ServerUniform Server is a complete Windows Apache MySQL PHP (WAMP) portable server package that allows a user to run a production or live Web Server and host Websites directly from a portable device. Uniform Server also allows Web application developers to test applications made with Apache, PHP, MySQL and Perl without placing the work on a dedicated server or Webhost.

LinkSpirit - PageRank Calculator

LinkSpirit Page Rank CalculatorLinkSpirit is a portable PageRank calculator that allows a webmaster to analyze the internal links on their website. Studying this information is important because external and internal links make up a large portion of PageRank.

DropUpLoad - FTP Uploading Spooler

DropUpLoad FTPDropUpLoad is a portable FTP spooler that allows a webmaster to completely update his or her website directories via ftp with minimal risk to data corruption or loss when moving a large number of files. It does this by holding the files in que, then spooling or buffering the information that is being transferred.

RelevanceSpirit - Webmasters Optimizing Utility

RelevanceSpiritRelevanceSpirit is an Open Source portable SEO tool or utility that allows a webmaster to easily study and manage all of the relevant terms, keywords and key phrases that make up their web pages. Site or page relevance has been proven to be just as important as page rank when it comes to SEO - search engine optimization.