voice over ip

Loudtalks Lite - Push to Talk PTT VOIP

extract-loudtalks-to-your-flashdriveLoudtalks Lite is a Free Portable Tool that supports Push to Talk (PTT) Voice Over IP (VOIP) communication. It functions similar to popular software like Skype.

PicoPhone - Free VOIP Internet Phone

picophone-free-voipPicoPhone is a Free VOIP Internet Phone application with chat. The author created PicoPhone because most Internet phones use overly complex protocols that can cause problems when used with NAPT routers.

12VOIP - Portable Voice Over IP

12voip free voip12Voip is free Portable Voice Over IP software (Internet Phone). Like many other VOIP products, it enables a computer user with internet access to have superb high quality voice conversations with friends and relatives from all over the world.

Make Skype Portable VoIP

screenshot-of-skype-running-portablyMaking Skype Portable; Skype is one of the more popular VOIP or Voice over IP peer to peer telephony clients.