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PicoPhone – Free VOIP Internet Phone

PicoPhone is a Free VOIP Internet Phone application with chat. The author created PicoPhone because most Internet phones use overly complex protocols that can cause problems when used with NAPT routers. PicoPhone uses a simple UDP-based protocol and works well with NAPT. Connections are accepted on UDP port 11676.

12VOIP – Portable Voice Over IP

12Voip is free Portable Voice Over IP software (Internet Phone). Like many other VOIP products, it enables a computer user with internet access to have superb high quality voice conversations with friends and relatives from all over the world. Using this 12Voip tool, you can call landlines or even mobile cell phones for free * …

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Make Skype Portable VoIP

Making Skype Portable; Skype is one of the more popular VOIP or Voice over IP peer to peer telephony clients. VOIP clients allow you to communicate with others using your internet connection. In the following tutorial, we explain how to run Skype from a USB device and bring the application with you, wherever you go.