screen capture

Screen Capture - MWSnap

MWSnap - Screen CaptureMWSnap is a Freeware Portable Screen Capture Software created by Mirek Wojtowicz. It can be used to quickly and easily take screenshots of your computer desktop.

Screen Clipper - Screen Capture

screen-clipperScreen Clipper is a Free and Portable Screenshot Capturing Tool. It can be used to capture or clip any area of your desktop screen.

Greenshot Free Screen Capture Tool

greenshot-free-screen-captureGreenshot is a portable free screen capture or screenshotting tool. It enables you to take a full screenshot or capture a part of your screen.

Snap - Active Window Screen Capture

snap-screen-captureSnap is a Free Portable Screen Capture tool that can be used to Capture Screen Shots of Active Windows. Ether select the active window or create an area on the desktop and click Snap to copy to the clipboard.

SiteShoter - Webpage Screenshot Tool

screenshoterSiteShoter is a free screenshotting tool that can be used to take a screenshot of any webpage. It does so by automatically creating a hidden window of Internet Explorer, proceeds to load the desired Web page, and than saves the entire content of the Web page into a .

AviScreen Portable Screen Capture Tool

aviscreen-portable-screen-capture-toolAviScreen Portable is a Free portable screen capture tool aka Portable Screen Recorder, that can be used for capturing desktop screen activity as AVI video or bitmap images. AviScreen includes a neat feature called follow the cursor.

Wink Portable Screen Recorder

wink-portable-screenshotWink is a portable screen recorder or screen capturing software that is often used for tutorial or presentation creation. Wink can be used to easily create tutorials on how to use software or applications.

FastStone Capture - Portable Screen Recorder

faststone-screen-capture-screenshotFastStone Capture is a Portable Screen Recorder that can be stored and run entirely from a USB device. It enables users to screen capture from a single region or Window to all running processes on a Windows computer screen.