Wink Portable Screen Recorder

Wink Portable is a screen recorder or screen capturing "screencasting" software based on Wink. It is often used for tutorial or presentation creation. For example, it might be used to help easily create tutorials on how to use software or applications. The portable version allows you to store and take it with you to run from a USB flash drive.

Wink Portable Screencasting Tool

Wink Portable

Wink is a screencasting software that allows users to capture screenshots, record screencasts, and create tutorials. It is commonly used for creating educational content, software demonstrations, and presentations.

Features of Wink include the ability to capture screenshots, record screen activity with audio narration, add annotations and explanations, and export the final output in various formats. Annotate by adding buttons, explanations, titles boxes and more. Users often use it to create interactive tutorials and guides.