registry entries

MJ Registry Watcher - Portable Registry Monitor

screenshot-of-mj-registry-monitor-portable-registry-monitorMJ Registry Watcher is a Portable Registry Montioring Tool that can monitor your system registry and then prompt you regarding any changes made to registry keys files or folders. Once running, the tool minimizes itself to the taskbar.

CleanAfterMe - Portable Registry Cleaner

cleanafterme-portable-registry-cleanerCleanAfterMe is a free portable registry cleaner that can be taken with you and run directly from a portable device such as a USB thumb drive. It allows a user to clean registry entries that are automatically created during your daily computer routines.

EasyCleaner - Windows Registry and File Cleaner

EasyCleanerEasyCleaner is a tool that can be used to remove and delete old Windows temp, backup files and registry entries that are no longer being used by your computer. It can also be used to clear internet history, remove invalid shortcuts, add or remove software or manage startup programs.