portable password manager

LSN Password Safe - Password Manager

LSN Password SafeLSN Password Safe is another Free Password Manager that can be stored and run from a portable USB device. It features a password generator, key file generator, hash sum calculator, expiration date reminder, cascade encryption, and a secure virtual keyboard.

Free Password Manager - Sisma

Sisma Password ManagerSisma is a Free Password Manager that can be stored and run entirely from a portable device. This password management software or password safe saves your important passwords and account login details in a secure database.

Access List - Password Manager

access list password managerAccess List is a Portable Password Manager. The Free software can be used to keep a log or list of the user names and passwords you use for various applications.

Yadabyte Passwords Portable Password Manager

Yadabyte PasswordsYadabyte Passwords is a tiny Portable Password Manager Free that uses Secure EAS 256 encryption to protect your login and password information. It enables you to store your login passwords in an encrypted database, and then access them using "one password".

nPassword - Portable Password Manager

npasswordnPassword is another portable password storage tool that can be used to encrypt and securely store your passwords. It claims to be even more secure than it's competitors.

Password Safe Portable Password Manager

Password SafePassword Safe is a portable password manager. A free password keeper data storage utility that can be used to securely store your important passcodes in a database, and then easily retrieve them via one password.

KeePass Password Safe - Password Manager

keepass-password-safeKeePass Password Safe is yet another great Portable Password Manager that can be run directly from a portable USB device. This application allows you to put all of your passwords in one database, which is then locked with a single password or master key disk.

RoboForm2Go - Portable Password Manager

RoboForm2GoRoboForm2Go is an easy to use, Free for personal use, portable password manager that can be run directly from a portable USB device. Formerly known as Pass2Go, this password management tool is able to store all of your personal passwords and bookmarks securely to a USB drive.