portable network monitor

Network Stuff

network-stuffNetwork Stuff is a Free Portable Network Tool that can be used to perform various network diagnostic functions to ensure that your network and routes are all working properly. Popular features include Telnet, Ping, Traceroute, Whois, DNS resolver, retrieve MAC addresses, retrieve IP addresses, view TCP/UDP/ICMP stats and more.

NetWorx - Portable Bandwidth Monitor

networx-portable-bandwidth-and-network-monitorNetWorx is a Free Portable Bandwidth Monitor and Portable Network Monitor that can be used to monitor and chart your bandwidth. NetWorx can log bandwidth usage and measure the speed of your Internet or other network connection.

WirelessNetView - Wireless Network Monitor

wirelessnetview-wireless-network-monitorWirelessNetView is a Free Portable Wireless Network Monitor that can be used to detect and monitor any wireless networks that may surround you. This application can be stored and run entirely from a portable USB device.

Look@LAN Portable Network Monitor

looklan-portable-network-monitorLook@LAN is a Portable application that allows a user to monitor which clients are connected to a local network. It displays the IP addresses of any computer attached to your local network and will determine if the machines are online or offline.