Portable Hex Editor

Frhed – Free Hex Editor

Frhed Hex Editor

Frhed is Free Hex Editor or Binary File Editor for Windows. A Portable Hex Editor version of the Frhed is also available, making the tool ideal for USB usage. Although Frhed is tiny, it packs many advanced features including; Editable file size limited only by available system memory. An option to load large files, partially. …

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HEX-ED Portable Hex Editor

hex ed

HEX-ED is a Free Portable Hex Editor that is both small and efficient. It was originally used by it’s author to modify programs written in assembler. Hex-Ed began life decades ago, as a BASIC program compiled in BASCOM under CP/M. The author has since recompiled Hex-ED in Visual C for Windows, first 16 bits and …

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Hexplorer Portable Hex Editor

Hexplorer is a Portable Hex Editor. As the name implies, this free application can be used to edit hexadecimal files. One very unique feature of Hexplorer is that it offers the ability to interpret or visualize binary data in various ways. For example, it ships with a pixel viewer that can be used to display …

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HxD Free Portable Hex Editor

HxD is a Free and Portable Hex Editor and Disk Editor that can in addition be used for raw disk editing and modifying of (main Memory) RAM. It offers an easy to use interface with essential features such as search and replace, export, file shredding, splitting of files and concatenation, statistics and much more. The …

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