portable file encryption

Drag n Crypt Ultra File Encryption

Drag n Crypt UltraDrag N Crypt Ultra is a Free and portable data encryption tool which might be used to protect your confidential data against unauthorized access. It can be used to encrypt and decrypt files (lock or unlock) by simply dragging and dropping the file onto the programs target window.

Portable Blowfish Advanced CS - File Encryption

Blowfish Advanced CS - Portable File EncryptionBlowfish Advanced CS is a Free and Portable File Encryption Program created by Markus Hahn. It can be used to encrypt and protect files with a key built from a password, keeping everyone but you from accessing the contents of the protected files.

Safe Calculator - Free File Encryption Software

safe-calculator-in-safe-modeSafe Calculator is a Free File Encryption Software that at first glance appears to be just another Calculator. However, hidden in this Calculator is a Safe that can Encrypt and completely Hide any file.

Free File Encryption - Androsa File Protector

free-file-encryptionAndrosa File Protector is a professional grade freeware file encryption software that can be used to protect your files by encrypting the content using some of the most advanced methods of cryptography. File Encryption is easy and you can be encrypting your work within minutes.

SafeHouse Explorer - Portable Encryption Tool

safehouse-explorer-portable-file-encryption-screenshotSafeHouse Explorer is a Free portable file encryption tool that can be used to create a protected volume or file storage vault, making the files within invisible until you enter a password.

File Encryption - Portable File Encryption

portable-file-encryptionFile Encryption is a Free portable file encryption utility or tool that can be used to protect your files and personal data from being read or modified by unintended recipients. It works by scrambling the information into an inaccessible form.