Safe Calculator - Free File Encryption Software

Safe Calculator is a Free File Encryption Software that at first glance appears to be just another Calculator. However, hidden in this Calculator is a Safe that can Encrypt and completely Hide any file. The only way the Safe can be opened and the files viewed, decrypted or run is by entering the correct password in Encrypted "Safe" Mode. The default password is 123 and can be changed to any numeric combination.

Free File Encryption - Safe Calculator

Just another Calculator at a Glance!

Safe Calculator - Password Encrypted Files

Calculator in (Encryption) "Safe" Mode

Safe Calculator in "Safe" Mode

Extracted Size: 288KB

Authors Website: Safe Calculator

License: Freeware

Download: Get this Free File Encryption Tool HERE

How to Use Safe Calculator to Encrypt Files:

  1. Add a file you want to Hide and Encrypt to the Calc-En-v510 folder
  2. Run calc.exe from the Calc-En-v510 folder
  3. Press 123 and then Press MS (to enter Safe Mode)
  4. Click New PIN and enter new numbers for your password, then Press = and then MS to store the new password PIN
  5. Press + and then Press =
  6. Browse and select the file you want to hide and encrypt and then Click Store

The file you selected should now be completely hidden and encrypted.

How to Recover and Access the Hidden Encrypted Files:

  1. Run calc.exe again
  2. Enter your Password PIN and Press MS,
  3. Press either - or x or / and then = to restore, extract or run the hidden and encrypted file