File Encryption - Portable File Encryption

File Encryption is a Free portable file encryption utility or tool that can be used to protect your files and personal data from being read or modified by unintended recipients. It works by scrambling the information into an inaccessible form.

The information will then appear scrambled to anyone who attempts to access the file. Encrypted files can only be decrypted via the same software. After the user enters the password originally set to access the file.

This tool is Open Source software. It also takes up a very small footprint at approximately 860KB unpacked. Making it possible to take with you on almost any USB flash drive. Enabling you to easily Encrypt and Decrypt files on the fly from any available Windows computer.

File Encryption | Encrypting and Decrypting Tool

Portable File Encryption

Authors Website: Project Page

License: Open Source

Download: You can download the Portable Encryption tool HERE