Portable Encryption Utilites

View Crashed Applications - AppCrashView

Monitor Crashed Applications - AppCrashViewAppCrashView is a Freeware Portable Utility created by NirSoft that can be used to view the crash details of all applications that have crashed on your Windows PC. The crash information is pulled from Windows Error Reporting.

SafeHouse Explorer - Portable Encryption Tool

safehouse-explorer-portable-file-encryption-screenshotSafeHouse Explorer is a Free portable file encryption tool that can be used to create a protected volume or file storage vault, making the files within invisible until you enter a password.

File Encryption - Portable File Encryption

portable-file-encryptionFile Encryption is a Free portable file encryption utility or tool that can be used to protect your files and personal data from being read or modified by unintended recipients. It works by scrambling the information into an inaccessible form.

Rohos Mini Drive - Portable Partition Encryption

rohos-disk-accessRohos Mini Drive is a FREE Portable Partition Encryption tool that can be used to create a hidden partition on a USB device that is password protected. The Software doesn’t require Administrator Privileges to open the password protected USB drive partition on a guest computer.

Remora USB Disk Guard

remora-usb-disk-guard-screenshotRemora USB Disk Guard is FREE USB Flash Drive Encryption Software that can be used to Encrypt files and folders either on your USB drive or even on a local hard disk. Because Remora USB Disk Guard is completely portable, it can be stored and run directly from a flash drive or portable storage device, requiring absolutely no installation.

Omziff - Portable Encryption Tool

omziff-screenshotOmziff is a FREE Portable Encryption utility that utilizes common cryptographic algorithms to both encrypt and decrypt textual file types. Omziff can generate random passwords, splits files, and perform secure (DOD) file deletion as well.

LockNote - Password Encrypted Notes

LockNoteLockNote is a simple to use text tool that allows users to password protect their written text or notepad information with password encryption using AES 256bit encryption technology. A user can create new files from scratch or drag and drop existing text files into the LockNote window to encrypt them as well.