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UltraFileSearch – File Search Utility

UltraFileSearch - File Search Utility

UltraFileSearch is a Free File Search Utility created by Stegisoft. It can be used to quickly find Text, Files, or Folders within any drive or multiple drives. It supports wildcards and filemasks, and the results can be ordered and exported in many different formats. UltraFileSearch works great for quickly finding text in Documents or Text Files (TXT, RTF, HTML, LOG, .CSV etc.) or (EXE, DLL, OBJ, XLS, DOC etc.) binary files.

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UltraSearch – Fast File Finder

UltraSearch - Find Files Fast

UltraSearch is a Freeware Fast File Search Tool created by JAM Software.  It can be used to quickly find for files or folders only on local NTFS drives.  Quoted “UltraSearch does not use a background process to build an index, it achieves its speed by working directly on the Master File Table (MFT) of the NTFS partitions.”

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IndexYourFiles – Fast File Search Tool

IndexYourFiles - Fast File Search Tool

IndexYourFiles is a lightening fast Portable File Indexer and File Search Tool. It can be used to search through all of the files and folders on your Windows PC. Additionally, local and network drive indexing and search is supported. Size, date and extension name search options are available. The resulting files from a Search can be viewed, copied, moved, deleted, dragged to other locations, or the containing folder opened for further viewing.

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Snowbird 7 – File Manager

Snowbird 7 is a Free Portable File Manager and Windows Search Tool. The tool is simple to use and enables a user to navigate and manage the file structure of local drives or network drives. Snowbird can handle large folders without degrading system performance. Copy, move or delete files quickly with the ability to pause transfers and to skip errors. Find files using the integrated seach tool (even find text within files) without indexing.

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Everything – File Search Tool

Everything is a Free Portable File Search Tool for Windows. Worlds faster than any built in Windows file searching tool, Everything Search Engine makes it quick and easy to locate any file or folder by name.  Featuring a clean user interface, the Everything Search Engine is easy to use, simply type the name of the file or folder your looking to find and Everything does the rest. File and Folder searches are performed quickly while consuming very little resources. Moreover Everything offers optional FTP or HTTP access allowing a user to share files and folders with others.

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