file comparison tool

WinMerge - Folder Compare Freeware

WinMergeWinMerge is an Open Source file and folder comparison and merging tool. This portable differencing and merging tool can be used to visually compare differences or changes in folder or files in a format that is easy to understand.

ExamDiff - File Comparison

File Comparison with ExamDiffExamDiff is a Portable and Free File Comparison Tool that can be used to compare files to see if they are identical. It is a freeware visual file comparing application that features browse and drag and drop file comparison, can automatically detect file changes, and provides plenty of customizable display options.

TextDiff - File Comparison Tool

If you are looking for a tool to compare files or text code changes, TextDiff may be the answer. As a free file comparison tool, it allows you to easily view differences between two files or compare them side-by-side.

FreeFileSync - File Compare and Sync Tool

portable-file-comparison-freefilesyncFreeFileSync is a portable file comparison or file and folder synchronization tool. It can be used to compare files or folders by file size and date or file content.