Portable Cyberduck Mac OS X FTP


Portable Cyberduck is a Mac OS X portable FTP client browser application based purely on Cyberduck. It is an FTP client you can bring with you to run from a USB thumb drive, external hard drive, memory card, iPod, other portable device. Now Mac Os X users can have FTP access portably no matter where they go. All settings are stored on the portable device leaving no traces behind on the Mac computer Portable Cyberduck is being run from.

Portable Cyberduck Mac OS X FTP Screenshot:

Cyberduck Portable FTP client for Mac OS X

Authors Website: http://freesmug.org/portableapps/cyberduck

License: Open Source

How to install Portable Adium for Mac OS X:

  1. Download the PortableCyberduck.dmg file and double click it to mount
  2. Drag the Portable Cyberduck folder to your flash drive as directed
  3. Launch the program from The Portable Cyberduck folder on your flash drive

Note: you can eject the mounted Cyberduck image and delete the PortableCyberduck.dmg file from your Mac once it has been installed to your portable drive.

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