Make your own Portable Filezilla FTP Client

Can I make a Portable Filezilla? The Filezilla FTP Client is a very popular, Open Source FTP Client that can easily be made to run from a USB Flash Drive or other portable device by simply changing the path to store settings. Once the path for saving settings has been modified, Filezilla will function as a portable stand alone FTP, SFTP Client installation. We previously reviewed a Filezilla Portable FTP Client, created by John Haller. This post is for those who would rather make their own.

Filezilla running from a USB Flash Drive

Filezilla Portable running from a USB Flash Drive

Authors Website: Official Web Page

License: Open Source

How to Create your own Portable Filezilla

  1. Download the Filezilla FTP Client zip and extract the contents to a folder on your portable device
  2. Right Click on This Link and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" and save the file as fzdefaults.xml
  3. Copy the fzdefaults.xml file to the filezilla folder that contains your filezilla.exe
  4. Click filezilla.exe to launch your Filezilla Portable FTP Client

Note: The fzdefaults.xml file sets the configuration path to a settings subfolder within the filezilla folder, allowing your personal settings, FTP Server connections, etc to be saved within.