i.FTP - Portable FTP SFTP Client

i.FTP is a tiny, yet powerful portable graphical FTP client that was designed specifically to run from portable USB keys. The graphical interface is simply awesome. i.FTP is so straight forward, easy to navigate and use that anyone who has previous experience using an FTP client, should have no problems getting familiar with it.

i.FTP Portable FTP

i.FTP Client screenshot

License: Open Source
Authors Website: http://www.memecode.com/iftp.php

i.FTP portable USB key installation

  1. Download the i.FTP installer
  2. Launch the installer and install to your portable USB drive
  3. Uncheck the option boxes for "Start Menu Shortcuts" and "Run i.FTP" and continue the install
  4. Navigate to the i.FTP folder on your USB device and click iFTP.exe to launch the program.