Memory Exercise Game - M-emo-ry

M-emo-ry is a free and portable memory exercise game for kids or adults. To play, simply match the emotional icons with one another (in pairs), the goal being to match all 18 pairs. The game is an excellent tool to use to help keep your brain active by stimulating your memory.

M|emo|ry | Memory Exercising Game

Much like we need to stay active with physical exercise to keep our bodies healthy and in shape, we should exercise our memory in an effort to keep our brains healthy. Fortunately, this utility can help us do just that!

The only limitation that I can find is that it does require .NET Framework 4 be installed.
Authors Website: Project Page
Developer: Created by Michalis Nicolaides
Supported OS: Windows
File Size: 844 KB
License: Freeware
Downloading: Grab this free Memory matching game here:
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