Deluxe PacMan Portable Arcade Game

Deluxe PacMan is a Free portable PacMan arcade game that was created by Neil Roy. Game play and functionality is based on and attempts to emulate the all time arcade favorite PacMan. This arcade game features a unique look and feel that totally differentiates it from the original game. Although it is currently not available as a portable game, we are going to show you how to easily make it run portably from a USB flash drive.

Portable Deluxe PacMan Like Arcade Game

Deluxe Pac Man Portable Arcade Game
Deluxe Pac Man Portable Arcade Game

Authors Website: Deluxe Pac Man Project Page

License: Freeware

How to make Deluxe Pac Man Portable

  1. Download DPacman zip and extract setup.exe from the zipped file.
  2. Run setup.exe installing Pac Man to your Computer.
  3. Copy the C:\Program Files\Deluxe Pacman folder to your USB device.
  4. You can launch your Portable Pac Man from the Deluxe_Pacman.exe found in the directory.

Note: Once you have completed the steps above, you can proceed to uninstall the arcade game from your computer and continue to use the portable Pac Man version that is now stored on your USB flash drive.