TestDisk – Free Portable Data Recovery

TestDisk is a Free Portable Data Recovery Software tool. The tool was designed to help recover lost partitions and or make non bootable disks bootable again. TeskDisk is particularly useful when a system is not bootable because of a virus, software, or human error (accidentally deleting a Partition Table). This tool can fix a partition table, recover a deleted partition, rebuild or recover NTFS, FAT boot sectors, fix MFT, undelete and or copy files from NTFS, FAT, ext2, ext3 partitions. Backup recovery is also supported.

TestDisk also ships with PhotoRec Photo Recovery capabilities.

TestDisk – Free Portable Data Recovery

TestDisk Free Portable Data Recovery

Authors Website: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk

License: Open Source

Download: You can Get this Free Data Recovery Software HERE