tcp connections

NetCheck - Internet Connection Tester

netcheckNetCheck is a Free, simple Internet Connection Tester. It can be used to "check the status of your internet connection" by attempting DNS resolve and TCP connection tests.

Connection Monitor

connection-monitorConnection Monitor is a Free Stand Alone Portable utility that can be used to monitor inbound and outbound socket connections. knowing which network and internet connections are taking place can help you keep your network secure.

TCPView - Portable Endpoint Process Monitor

tcpview-screenshotTCPView is a portable tool that can be used to display a detailed list and current state of all TCP and UDP endpoint connections and the process name running each endpoint. TCPView provides more informative information than the Netstat program that ships with Windows and includes a command line version called Tcpvcon that offers the same functionality.

CurrPorts - Portable TCP IP UDP Port Monitor

CurrPortsCurrPorts is a portable tool that can display a list of all open TCP/IP and UDP ports on a computer, allowing the user to monitor any remote activity that might be occurring. The tool offers information about the process that opened the port, the process name, path, when the process was created, and the user that created it.